Whiting ZBA Meeting – Wednesday 9/9 @ 7:30pm

PDF of Warning

Whiting ZBA Meeting
Wednesday September 9th, 2020 @ 7:30pm

To ZBA Board: Heather Bouchard, Beverly Freeguard, Gary Freeguard, Mike Wilbur and Steve Quenneville

To Adjacent Landowners: Orestes & Veronica Katsantonis, Donner Carr and Patricia Smith.

The ZBA will review a construction project permit for Russell and Shelly Bishop, they are applying for a permit to add an enclosed porch/mudroom on the front of their house. The addition does not meet the 50’ from the road.

Copies of the permit and sketches are available at the Town Office.

Whiting 2020 Grievance Warning

View PDF of Warning: 2020 Grievance Warning



August 6th, 2020
via Zoom (see details below)
8:00-12:00 and 3:00-7:00

Appeals MUST be in writing and MUST be received by August 6th
Stacey: 802-623-6065 or Elizabeth: 802-623-6324 or 802-349-3825

Appeals may be submitted by:

  • Hand delivering THE OFFICE IS CLOSED. Bring to the Town Clerk’s Office at                  29 S. Main St, Whiting VT 05778 and place it in the letter slot in the door.
  • Mailing to: Whiting Listers, Town of Whiting, 29 S. Main St, Whiting, VT 05778
  • Submitting online at: Request Grievance Hearing

Grievance forms are available here and if requested will be mailed.

Zoom Grievance Hearing Details

The Town of Whiting Listers are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Attend the Meeting on your computer or smart phone:



Attend the Meeting by calling into the zoom meeting on your telephone:

Meeting ID:   874 8803 6334
Passcode:   803840

If you would like to discuss your property with the listers before August 6th or have any questions, please call Stacey at 802-623-6065 or Elizabeth at 802-623-6324 or 802-349-3825 or email: WhitingListersVT@gmail.com and we will set up a time.

Town Meeting Warning 3/5 at 7:15p


The legal voters of the Town of Whiting, Vermont are hereby warned and notified to meet at the Town Hall, in said Whiting on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 7:15pm to transact the following business:

ARTICLE I: To elect a Moderator for the ensuing year.

ARTICLE II: The receive and act upon the report of the Town Officers.

ARTICLE III: Will the Town vote to change the Term of Road Commissioner from One Year to Three Years?

ARTICLE IV: Will the Town elect the Officers as required by law in the following order:

A. Road Commissioner for 3 years -incumbent Paul Quesnel
B. Select Board Member for 3 years -incumbent Tara Trudo (vacant)
C. Lister for 3 years -incumbent Elizabeth Curran
D. Auditor for 3 years -incumbent Alison Remy
E. Collect of Delinquent Taxes for 1 year -incumbent Rani Fallon
F. Library Trustee for 3 years -incumbent Heather Mattison
G. Library Trustee for 2 years -incumbent Jaime Quenneville
H. Library Trustee for 2 years -incumbent Tara Trudo
I. First Constable for 1 year -incumbent Michael Dame (vacant)
J. Town Agent for 1 year -incumbent Heather Bouchard

ARTICLE IV: Will the Town give the Delinquent Tax Collector the power to collect delinquent taxes?

ARTICLE V: Shall the Town authorize the Treasurer to collect real property taxes to the Treasurer on or before Monday, December 2,2019? (postmarks not accepted)

ARTICLE VI: Will the Town appropriate$369,677.50 expenses and indebtedness of the town of which $277,522.65 will come from taxes?

ARTICLE VII: To transact any other nonbinding business deemed necessary and proper when met.

Select Board,
Bob Wood
Steve Quenneville
Tara Trudo

Link to Signed Warning

Reminder: Primary Vote 8/14/2018

Primary Vote 8/14/18: Official Notice

Attention Whiting Voters:


The Primary is August 14, 2018.  Voting opens at 7:00am until 7:00pm.  Sample ballots are posted and are available for review ahead of the voting day.

Whiting voters will also be asked to ratify and confirm the vote taken on June 26, 2018 at a special meeting/vote for improvements for the Fire Department and Town Garage.  The newspaper notices for this vote were submitted but never published. A vote to ratify and confirm will repair this, and rather than hold another separate vote, we decided to hold the vote the same day as the primary.

Please feel free to call the Town Office if you have questions or concerns.

Town of Whiting
29 South Main Street
Whiting VT 05778

BCA Meeting Warning June 11th 6:45pm

BCA Meeting Warning
Town of Whiting
29 South Main Street
Whiting VT 05778
BCA (Select Board, JPs and me) Meeting, Monday June 11, 2018 6:45-7:00pm (right before the Select Board Meeting)
To review the checklist and schedule JPs for possible Grievance Meetings (must be held by July 13th) and to schedule JPs and Ballot Clerks for June 26th Vote.

Grievance Hearings June 14th and 15th


Thursday June 14th 8AM – 8PM
Friday June 15th 8AM – 8PM

Appeals MUST be in writing and MUST be received by June 13th.

Appeals may be filed by:

1. Hand delivering to the Town Clerk’s Office, 29 S. Main St, Whiting VT 05778.
2. Mailing to: Whiting Listers, 29 S. Main St, Whiting, VT 05778
3. Submitting online: at whitingvt.com/request-grievance-hearing

Printable grievance forms are available in the office and here.

*If you would like to discuss your property with the listers instead of or before scheduling a grievance hearing please call 623-7813 or email: WhitingListersVT@gmail.com and we will set up a time to sit down and discuss your property. Please schedule this appointment before June 13th, so you will have time to file for grievance if you choose to. *