Select Board Minutes 6/11/2018

Select Board Meeting
Unapproved Minutes
Date: Monday June 14 11th, 2018 7:00pm


  • SB- Steve Quenneville, Tara Trudo and Bob Wood
  • Town Clerk- Gale Quenneville
  • Road Commissioner-
  • Visitors-Marilyn Chicoine did not attend, called to ask that the gravel be cleaned up on the north end of her road as its on the lawn, noted there are ruts on her hay land from the Town Truck and requested chloride be put on the road a few days before haying begins to keep the dust down.
  • Stacey Freeguard and Elizabeth Curran

Any additions or deletions from agenda:

Public Comment/Unscheduled Appearances (limited to 15 minutes TOTAL)

Minutes Approved:

  • The May 14th Minutes were approved as written. Gale did note one subject that did not make the minutes and will be added to this meeting’s minutes.

Old Business:

  • Bertrand Tax Appeal Hearing Update (2 min): June 4th we received a copy of a letter sent to Michael Bertrand saying he was still on the appeal list but had not yet been scheduled a hearing.
  • Knappmiller Update (2 min): no word yet.
  • Lister Update (5 min): The Town of Whiting received notices of changes of appraisals on several town buildings based on the insurance valuations.
  • Zoning Admin Update (2min): ZA Kate Briggs asked that Gale Quenneville be made Assistant ZA so that she can sign permits (after being reviewed and approved by the ZA) The select board agreed.
  • Bond Vote Update (5 min): Gale let the board know Tony and Carol Quenneville would be interested in selling the property next to the Town Shed if additional land was needed. Gale had also calculated the approximate increase of taxes per $100,000 of value on a 20 year amortization schedule using 2% and 4% interest. It appears (based on last year’s budget and last year’s grand list) the increase of taxes would calculate to $70-$75 per $100,000. We will try to have more accurate numbers for the information meeting.

New Business:

  • Town Office trim to be painted(2 min): The trim on the Town Office and the trim on the Town Hall windows needed to be repainted. The Select board asked Gale to contact two painters in town (Jeff Hornbeck and Jason Many) for an estimate on painting.
  • ACPRC Amendment to and Re-Adoption of Addison Cty Regional Plan (5 min): Tara reviewed the update and found nothing objectionable.
  • VTRANS request for list of roads to be repainted (5 min): Paul said this year’s paving would be Leicester Whiting Road from the four corners .7 mile east. Gale will let the State know.
  • Municipal Roads Grants-in-aid Program letter of Intent to Participate (5 min): Paul approved this and the Chairman Bob Wood signed the Notice of Intent to be sent to ACRPC.
  • VT Dept of Liquor request to be approved (2 min): Chairman Bob Wood signed this and Gale will sent it to VTDEC.
  • Welcome to Whiting Letter from the Town Office (3 min): Gale created a letter to be sent to newcomers in Town. In addition to the great Welcome to Whiting brochure, a letter will be mailed addressing building permits, dog registrations etc.
  • Adjusting Select Board Meetings for July (5 min): July Select Board Meetings will be Held on the 9th and on the 30th. (No meeting on the 23rd)
  • Discussion from May 14th Select Board Meeting (not written in original May 14 SB Meeting Minutes): Paul Quesnel reported that Eli Eliason wants to bring his power in from across the road going under the road. Paul approved it being 4 feet deep and sleeved in well casing. After some discussion on whether or not to begin issuing overweight permits the board voted (3-0) to continue NOT to issue permits, but rather to allow businesses doing business in our town to use our roads. Trucks may not use our town roads to simply pass through (from Shoreham to Leicester or Orwell to Brandon etc.)

Executive Session: None required

Review of mail/email received:

  • Sam’s Service Center and U-Sale Fuels letter – Gale will contact them for a quote.
  • Vermont Dept of Environmental Conservation Stormwater Management Program requested Notice of Intent (NOI) be signed and a check for $240 be sent by July 31, 2018.

Orders Approved:

  • The orders were approved as presented.

Next 2 scheduled meetings:

  • Info Meeting for Bond Vote-June 25
  • Select Board Meeting July 9 and July 30