Town Meeting Warning 3/5 at 7:15p


The legal voters of the Town of Whiting, Vermont are hereby warned and notified to meet at the Town Hall, in said Whiting on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 7:15pm to transact the following business:

ARTICLE I: To elect a Moderator for the ensuing year.

ARTICLE II: The receive and act upon the report of the Town Officers.

ARTICLE III: Will the Town vote to change the Term of Road Commissioner from One Year to Three Years?

ARTICLE IV: Will the Town elect the Officers as required by law in the following order:

A. Road Commissioner for 3 years -incumbent Paul Quesnel
B. Select Board Member for 3 years -incumbent Tara Trudo (vacant)
C. Lister for 3 years -incumbent Elizabeth Curran
D. Auditor for 3 years -incumbent Alison Remy
E. Collect of Delinquent Taxes for 1 year -incumbent Rani Fallon
F. Library Trustee for 3 years -incumbent Heather Mattison
G. Library Trustee for 2 years -incumbent Jaime Quenneville
H. Library Trustee for 2 years -incumbent Tara Trudo
I. First Constable for 1 year -incumbent Michael Dame (vacant)
J. Town Agent for 1 year -incumbent Heather Bouchard

ARTICLE IV: Will the Town give the Delinquent Tax Collector the power to collect delinquent taxes?

ARTICLE V: Shall the Town authorize the Treasurer to collect real property taxes to the Treasurer on or before Monday, December 2,2019? (postmarks not accepted)

ARTICLE VI: Will the Town appropriate$369,677.50 expenses and indebtedness of the town of which $277,522.65 will come from taxes?

ARTICLE VII: To transact any other nonbinding business deemed necessary and proper when met.

Select Board,
Bob Wood
Steve Quenneville
Tara Trudo

Link to Signed Warning

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