Select Board Meeting Minutes from April 23, 2018

Select Board Meeting

Date: April 23, 2018 7:00pm


  • SB- Steve Quenneville, Tara Trudo and Bob Wood
  • Town Clerk- Gale Quenneville
  • Road Commissioner- (none noted)
  • Visitors- (none noted)

Any additions or deletions from agenda: (none noted)

Public Comment/Unscheduled Appearances (limited to 15 minutes TOTAL)

Meeting opened at 7:00pm by Chair Bob Wood.

Minutes Approved April 9 th Meeting: Approved as written

Old Business:

  • Requests for repairs on Fire Department update: Bob Wood and Gary Freeguard will be conducting the presentation at the Fire Department for possible construction this week. There was discussion on other options in preparation for our Special Town Meeting.
  • Town Hall Floor Update: No word back from Larry.
  • Nick Iocco Update: Nick and Bethany Iocco signed the proposed agreement and submitted a check for $7000. Benj Putnam will prepare the document for the board to sign releasing the Iocco’s from any further responsibility on the zoning violations.
  • Bertrand Hearing: No date has been set yet.
  • Knappmiller Update: Adam Lougee and Cindy Hill will be at the VT Supreme Court hearing on the 25 th .
  • Lister Update: Final Maps have been received and the listers are very pleased.
  • Zoning Admin Update: No update.
  • Emergency Management Generator update: Steve has not pursued the cost of a propane generator for the Fire Department; his guess is somewhere near $10,000.

New Business:

  • Fence Viewer needed: Juanita Hornbeck has resigned as fence viewer for the Town. The board decided as this is no longer a necessary appointment, they will wait until one is needed and appoint someone if necessary.
  • Mowing Bids in Newspaper: The request for bid has been posted in the Addison Independent through May 7, all bids to be received by May 14 and a decision will be made at the next Select Board meeting on May 14.
  • Sexton Fund Renewal: The biannual CD Renewal for the Sexton Fund will renew 4/27/18. It was decided that the CD will remain at the First National Bank of Orwell.
  • Discussion on overweight permits: Rene Quenneville requested permission to travel through Whiting with an overweight truck. Gale spoke with Paul before the meeting and Paul asked the Selectboard to consider issuing individual permits. The board discussed this and decided that it would not be fair to pick and choose who could travel our town roads. The decision stands that we do not issue permits; if the truck is doing business in our town they are welcome to use our roads. If they are not doing business is our town, they are instructed to use the State Roads.
  • Highway Weight Limit changes: Gale noted that the Legislature is reviewing highway weight limits and the necessity of signs when state roads are connected to town roads. We will watch to see what decisions are made.
  • Local Emergency Operations Plan review: Our LEOP has to be reviewed and
    renewed. A copy has been sent to our coordinator (Larry Wilbur) to review. This plan must be signed by someone who has taken an Incident Command System course (ICS100 or ICS402) Gale will follow up to see if Larry has taken this course.

Executive Session: none required

Review of mail/email received:

  • We reviewed a letter from ACRPC’s Adam Lougee regarding the final hearing of the Town Plan. He could not do it on May 23 unless early (4:30 or 5:00), so we will schedule it for May 30 th at 7:00pm at the Town Office.
  • Also, Don Maglienti from ACSWD emailed to say the Hazardous Waste Collection went very well; 9 from Whiting, 17 from Orwell, 1 from Brandon, 1 from Cornwall and 2 from Shoreham.
  • Orders Approved: The orders were approved as presented.
  • Meeting closed by Chair Bob Wood at 8:00pm.

Next 2 scheduled meetings:
May 14 th
June 11 th (May 28 th is Memorial Day)

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