OVUUSD Budget and Annual District Meeting Flyer

OVUUSD Budget and Annual District Meeting

(Full text HERE.)

  • Whiting Polls Open March 6th from 7am – 7pm at the Whiting Town Hall

Budget Goal: Maintain and improve comprehensive equitable educational opportunities within a level funded budget.

Budget Facts: The board approved a budget with the following changes:

1. Reduce 2.5 teachers at OVUHS
2. Merge the 3 small schools, reducing 3 teachers
3. Institute multi-age grades at Lothrop, reducing one teacher
4. Move PreK program to Lothrop and reduce .40 PreK at Lothrop due to declining enrollment
5. Eliminate .50 principal at small schools
6. Share art and a nurse between Lothrop and the small schools
7. Eliminate 1.0 paraprofessional at Neshobe
8. Reduce .50 clerical support services
9. Provide Spanish Language across all elementary schools, now starting with grades 5 and 6
10. Update debt services per amortization schedules
11. Reduce RNESU assessment with 4 FTE reductions in special education
12. Centralize technology services in RNESU budget

Considerations of Budget Proposal:

● The budget proposal is $19,223,835.00, which is down ($548,773) from the current year budget of $19,772,608
● Net Education Spending – (our taxable budget) is down by (1.01%) or ($192,162)
● Equalized pupils are up by 2.80 students or 0.22%
● Result: Education Spending per Equalized pupils is down ($179) or (1.22%)

State Impact on Budget Proposal:

● Announced State Tax Yield is down (3.13%) or ($318) per student
● Year 3 Act 46 tax incentives drops to $0.04 (from $0.06) – thus, $0.02 tax increase
● Result: Anticipated Homestead Tax Rate BEFORE applying Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) is up 3.50%

Local Community Impact from Budget Proposal after State Impact and Common Level of Appraisal Anticipated individual Town Homestead Tax Rates, note CLA’s vary by town resulting in different Homestead Tax Rates by town.

Brandon: +0.01 or $10 per $100,000 home site value
Goshen: +0.06 or $60 per $100,000 home site value
Leicester: +0.07 or $70 per $100,000 home site value
Pittsford: -(0.02) or ($20) per $100,000 home site value
Sudbury: -(0.09) or ($90) per $100,000 home site value
Whiting: +0.07 or $70 per $100,000 home site value


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