2017 Town Meeting Warning


The legal voters of the Town of Whiting Vermont are hereby warned and notified to meet at the Town Hall, in said Whiting on Tuesday March 6, 2018 at 7:15pm to transact the following business:

ARTICLE I: To elect a Moderator for the ensuing year.
ARTICLE II: The receive and act upon the report of the Town Officers.
ARTICLE III: Will the Town elect the Officers as required by law in the following order:

  1. Road Commissioner for 1 year. -incumbent Paul Quesnel
  2. Select Board Member for 3 years. -incumbent Bob Wood
  3. Lister for 3 years. -incumbent Dennis Ethridge
  4. Auditor for 3 years. -incumbent Elizabeth Curran
  5. Auditor for 1 year. -incumbent Alison Remy
  6. Collect of Delinquent Taxes for 1 year. -incumbent Rani Fallon
  7. First Constable for 1 year. -incumbent Michael Dame
  8. Second Constable for 1 year. -incumbent Rusty Brigham
  9. Town Juror for 1year. -incumbent Paul Quesnel
  10. Town Agent for 1 year. -incumbent Heather Bouchard

ARTICLE IV: Will the Town give the Delinquent Tax Collector the power to collect delinquent taxes?
ARTICLE V: Shall the Town authorize the Treasurer to collect real property taxes to the Treasurer on or before December 7, 2017? (postmarks not accepted)
ARTICLE VI: Will the Town appropriate $328,962.50 expenses and indebtedness of the town of which $233,689.10 will come from taxes?
ARTICLE VII: To transact any other nonbinding business deemed necessary and proper when met.

1. The Selectboard would like to discuss the possibility of a loan to build a new Town Garage and the rebuilding of a portion of the Whiting Fire House. This will be a nonbinding discussion.

Select Board

Chair: Bob Wood
Steve Quenneville
Tara Trudo

Link to the signed warning.

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