Whiting Planning Commission NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

Whiting Planning Commission

The Whiting Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on December 6, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Town Office in Whiting, Vermont on the proposed Whiting Town Plan 2017-2025.  This notice is issued pursuant to 24 VSA 4384 (d) and 4444.

This town plan is an update of Whiting’s Current Town Plan.  It governs all types of development within the Town  The Regulations impact all areas within the Town of Whiting.   Topic areas of discussion include:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Maps
Chapter 3: Goals, Policies and Recommended Actions
Chapter 4: Overarching Goals of Whiting Plan
Chapter 5: History
Chapter 6: Population
Chapter 7: Housing
Chapter 8: Employment and Economic Development
Chapter 9: Land Cover and Land Use
Chapter 10: Scenic and Natural Resources
Chapter 11: Historic, Cultural & Recreational Resources
Chapter 12: Public Facilities
Chapter 13: Education and Childcare
Chapter 14: Energy
Chapter 15: Transportation
Chapter 16: Neighboring Towns and Compatibility
Chapter 17: Implementation
Community Survey
Whiting Historic Buildings

Copies of the proposed Town Plan can be viewed at the following locations:
-Town Clerk’s Office, Whiting VT
-Additionally, interested parties may view or download completed copies of the proposed Whiting Town Plan here: TOWN PLAN 2017

For further information please contact Steven Quenneville at 802-623-7813
Whiting Planning Commission
By:  Steven Quenneville

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