2017 Whiting Grievance Hearings


2017 Grievance Hearings

Dates for Grievance Hearings 2017: Tuesday, June 13th and Tuesday, June 20th. Appointments will be available in the morning, afternoon, and evening on those dates. Please let us know which date and time you prefer. All hearings are complete on the evening of June 20th.

You may also meet with the Lister Board before these dates, the Board is legally allowed to consider a property owners concerns outside of an official hearing. 

You may request a Grievance Hearing by any of the following methods:

You may just write your Request for Grievance on a piece of paper, but please include the following information:

  • Property Owner(s) Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Property Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Reason for Appeal

OR Here is a form to print and fill out to Request a Grievance Hearing. PDF of Grievance Hearing Application

BASIS FOR APPEAL: Please provide a brief statement of why you feel your assessment is incorrect. If you are relying on sales data, please list sales which support your proposed value for the property. If you feel you are disproportionately assessed, please list those neighboring properties which you are using for comparison. If your property is a commercial property you will receive an income and expense form to complete and fill out with your application.

Handy booklet from the Secretary of States’ office about Appealing your Tax Assessment (Grievance Hearing).