Wood Stove Change-Out Incentive

To Whom It May Concern:

In November 2016, the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) and Air Quality and Climate Division introduced a wood stove change-out incentive. This financial incentive will encourage Vermonters to replace their old non EPA-certified stoves with cleaner heating systems, and will require that the old stoves are properly recycled or disposed of at a solid waste district, licensed salvage yard or certified recycling facility.

As part of the incentive offer, participating retailers will need to bring the old stoves to a certified recycling facility, licensed salvage yard or solid waste district either to be recycled or disposed of in accordance with applicable law. These stoves may be used for salvage material and/or scrap metal. However, these stoves cannot be reused or resold for intended use as a wood boiler of any kind. Participating facilities will be asked to act as final receivers of the stoves and to sign the Final Project Documentation and Incentive Request Form (presented by the retailer) to verify that a stove has been received. The retailer will be responsible for all other documentation.

To assist participating retailers in implementing the wood stove change-out incentive, the Renewable Energy Resource Center (RERC), which is administering the program, is compiling a list of facilities where stoves can be recycled or disposed of in accordance with applicable law. If you are interested in being listed as a participating facility, please contact the Program Manager, Allison Fode, at afode@veic.org or (802) 540-7859 at your earliest convenience. You may also visit our website at www.rerc-vt.org for more information about the program (information will be posted by the end of today on our Application Forms page).

This incentive is provided through the Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program (SSREIP) of the CEDF with additional funding from the Department of Environmental Conservations, Division of Air Quality & Climate and is administered by the RERC. If you have any questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We thank you for your assistance and look forward to working with you to implement Vermont’s wood stove change-out incentive!

Best Regards,

Allison Fode
Program Manager
Renewable Energy Resource Center
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
128 Lakeside Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401
Direct: (802) 540-7859

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