Whiting, Vermont

Because of COVID-19 and the size of the town office, it is not safe to have people just stop in. The Governor has asked everyone to do social distancing and the size of the town office does not allow for that. I am happy to make an appointment for anyone that would like to come in for any reason. They can either email me at townofwhiting@shoreham.net or call me at 802-623-8152. When individuals come into the office, they will have to stand at the counter; I will get them whatever they are looking for.

Thank You,
Heather Bouchard
Whiting Town Clerk/Treasurer


As the official town website for Whiting, VT., this site is designed to provide information, facilitate town business, and promote local culture and history.

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Disclaimer: While every effort is made to maintain the latest versions of forms and documents on this site, in the event of discrepancy the latest print copy version located in the Town Office is the official version.

For Whiting demographics and other facts & figures, including population, housing, income and energy, please click here.

Whiting Town Government

mapWhiting is governed by a system of boards and commissions, including the Select Board, the Lister Board, a Planning Commission,  and Auditors.

The Town Clerk manages elections, keeps the Town’s land records, vital records, issues dog licenses, and performs many other duties. The Whiting Town Clerk is also the Town Treasurer and manages the town’s finances.

An alphabetical listing of all town forms and documents can be found here or they can be found on the Town Clerk / Treasurer page (at the bottom) so you can go right to the document you need.

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